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Medico-legal Work

Both Mr Clark and Mr Wheatley were awarded Expert Witness Awards in 2018. This award recognises experts that have superior knowledge and experience within their field and have a proven record in assisting either third parties, courts, tribunals, arbitration hearings and official enquiries to help them understand the issues in a case or report and thereby reach a sound and just decision.

Mr. Matthew Clark and Mr. Hugh Wheatley are Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeons with many years of experience in providing expert reports on medico-legal matters relating to their specialty. They are both sub-specialised within this specialty and as such can provide expert opinion on most matters relating to the topic.

Working together under the ENTRUST group allows them to allocate reports to the most suitable expert between them. Common topics covered (not exclusive):
• Noise-induced hearing loss in industrial noise claims
• Tinnitus, vertigo and hearing loss post-road traffic accidents
• Complications of management of ENT conditions

Both experts have:
• Certificate of medical reporting (Civil Procedure Rules part 35)
• Attended Medico-legal expert witness course on clinical negligence
• Attended courses for Medico-legal report writing for suspected noise-induced hearing loss